Tuesday, 18 September 2012

A sad year of 2012

Assalamualaikum and Hello to everyone.

This year, there's a lot of memories which is happy, sweet, crazy, sad, bitter and so on. And today I just can update my blog since a long time no update and sorry to keep you waiting. Hehehe :)

1st moment

This year I already loss two grandpa of both side of father and mother.
1st loss of my grandpa from my father side at early this year. Sorry I forgot the dates. Arwah's name Yaakob bin Md Don. That time I at my college and I got that news after isya' at sunday night. So my brother and I getting go home at that night to give a last respect for my grandpa. As I remember, that monday I got test but I'm just ignore it because I can take the test another day.

2nd moment

This raya, I loss my grandpa from my mother side. I got that news at early in the morning in 8.10am I think and I'm at malacca that time. I just got sleep at 4.30am because I really uncomfortable that night to sleep. So when I heard that news from my aunty, I feel is it I dreaming? Is it real? I feel very blur because I'm not enough sleep maybe. That's why i feel that way. So I woke up and wash my face and call my mom to make sure that news. And that news are true and real. So I very surprised because I just celebrate raya with him. I know he's not too well at raya. So we hope he will be fine day by day. But its opposite our thought. And we loss him.
I feel sad because my end semester break, I take care of him at hospital. I feel very sad of losing him and I still can't believe it that time. So I can't think well and I just want go back that time. I feel very sad because when I was kid, he's take care of my sibling with grandma. So I have a lot memories with him. I always remembered when I was kid that I always follow him send 'kuih' at stall with his vespa bike and I stand at in front of him which there's a space to stand like this picture and its actually same color and type.

In memories

Then my brother took me and heading to my grandpa's house. When we arrived at hometown, they already took him to cemetery and already buried him. And I couldn't to see his face for a last time. I just can do a part of buried him. That's make me really sad. You can see I'm like a happy go lucky person but it doesn't suit me. I can easily sad and cry.

May Allah Blessed Him

After the funeral ceremony, I just can stand there and watch the grave and feel very can't believe it. All I do is keep believe he's not with us anymore. Just praying for him. May Allah Blessed Us. Al-Fatihah.
"Yang pergi tetap pergi" that sentence that I keep in my mind. I want take care all the people that I love. If I don't take care them, who else want take care? Its our responsible to take care them and don't regret when they are gone. Keep it in mind. 

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