Friday, 22 June 2012

Liitle Cousins

Hai there ,
morning ,
afternoon ,
evening ,
night ,

Actually , already past a week of this vacation .
Yeah school holiday , i and with family take a vacation to Kuala Terengganu about 3days2night.
really tired of this journey. on first day we departed to KT , we took 6 hours and back to my hometown took 8and a half hour. at KT nothing to do. just go to beach playing at there with my little cousins.

yeah so funny with them :)
with them , i actually had been bullied by them.
people said "Tak padan punya kecik , tp buli orang dewasa" HAHA. thanks to them.
this sibling lot of laughed even last brother can't talk well but they still understand. HAHA
I want to play with this kid again someday.
thats all.

thanks ;)