Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Feeling . . . ?

Hai for you all there !
please smile whenever what feeling you are :)

Do you have a feeling right ?
and what your feeling right now ? is it okay ? bored? tension? stressed? disappointed? broken?
are u fine with hiding your feeling? let me guess.....hummm i think its not good for hiding your feeling. But for me its better express all your feeling and maybe it can help u reduce the worst feeeling.

I want shared you something about feeling of men to girls that he loved most. But i can't say that's all true. Its up to u to judges him.
A man will never make her hurt and he always be on your side if she got a problem.
he also can be a good best your partner that u wanted almost. he always make u smile, laughing with the stupid jokes or ridiculous things.
he always like to spend time with her if he got some work to do but he never missed that time.
sometimes u saying that make he hurting but he will be okay with u because he know he's not your ideal type. he also accept the way you are.
he never complaint what u do but he also give a support and an idea to look great. sometimes he know all your behavior.
he know what u like most to eat and he will bring u at there. he just want make u happy all things that he can do for u. he always be patience to u. he also keeps his head low for u.
sometimes he give u a present to cheer up your mood.
you can see the way he treats u like the princess. he cared every things that u want to do.
he never wanted to leave u. and he don't want u to leave him.
he keeps waiting for u, be patience in any matter.
he keep his heart for u. he keep to love u until his last breath.