Saturday, 19 May 2012

yesterday , today , tomorrow

can i skip the introduction ?
yeah sure i can .
its my blog right .

whats all about that title ?
i cant describe how was is it.

today ,
im going back to Johor Bahru.
i thought when i arrived there i will relax and lot of fun waiting of me,
but it is not.

its __________ news .
i dont know i really cant describe it.
what should i do ? what should i do ? what should i do ?
its nothing. just waiting for the right time and do it properly.

yeah i cant stop that thing, maybe ada hikmahnya tersendiri.
all i can do now just prepare for my soul and spirit.
i really dont want to let that things go away.
but , its just happen today.

if u read this , i know u feel what im feeling right.
u . . . . .
just take care .