Friday, 14 December 2012

The moment that waited

Assalamualaikum and Hello to everyone.

Welcome back to my blogs especially to me because still remember this blog after a long time I didn't update anything. Hehe :D

Today, at this evening I just go to Plaza Angsana to survey the camera DSLR. I know that mall just have a 3 shops that sells a any type of camera. I'm just survey all this three shops and then I think "would I go to another mall or shops to survey that things?" and I think again "maybe it will just waste my time and I know the price are not different a bit". So I just go to back that second shops that I enter and the owner knows and understand that I agreed to buy that.

Actually, I'm excited that I already bought it. Hahaha. When I reach home, I can't wait to open that and go deep with that thing. I'm so happy! :D

Now, I'm really thankfully to my mom because she's support me to bought it for me. I LOVE YOU MOM. :)