Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Annoying ?

Hai to you all guys !
and very good evening you guys !

how are u ?
yeah i'm fine . don't worry about me yeah . muehehe .

Annoying ?
yeah today i gonna shared something bout that topic.

I think , did i really annoying ? whats the matter that i make u annoying ?
please tell me okay . don't talk at my back . it will burden my back u know .
 haha . serve you right !

it is annoying when someone speaking English ?
i think its not . but for me , yeah i used to speaking too . but that's not a problem .
its also can improve your speaking , grammar . yeahhh ! Practice make Perfect right .
nowadays , English are the international language . so i really know bout my speaking and grammar it is reallyyy not so really but it can be categorized as bad and intermediate . so thats why i trying to use English to improve it .
Okay for those think it's annoying , yeah u can continue your thought with that path .
But for me , it's not annoying . i'm not to SHOW OFF because speaking English . sometimes i used dictionary to know what the meaning of thats word . Furthermore , i was a student . so at my college using english to speak with lectures . no doubts that i will using English as 1st language at my college .

yeah yeah yeah . its up to la to think that way . i'm just stood what i thought . there's no wrong .