Sunday, 27 May 2012

nothing to say

hello guys ,
today , just nothing to post too long . im just got a sentences that can shared our feelings :)

Relationships last longer when everybody doesn't know your business.
(i guess it right sbb xperlu org lain busy body)

every relationship is different, so don't compare yours to the next, or listen to the comparison of others.
(yeah i agree that so dont compare it)

You never realize, how much someone means to you until they're gone.
(someone = from family , friends , or couples. its true yeah )

 we born as human not a reminder . sometimes we forgot and sometimes we remember.
(so jgnla marah2 sgt klau org x ingat. harap bersabar ok. ;) )

 end chapter . ok bye .

i feel like i really miss someone.
better express yourself to her.
its better to let her know right.
then u will feel relieved after doing that.
i missed to call u baby.

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