Saturday, 10 March 2012

Assalamualaikum ,
Very Good Evening to readers .
(why evening? sbb i write it on evening lah . hehe )

Okayy .
Long time , i could't edit and post new topic on my blog . why? because sometimes i got a LAZINESS in my heart but i got no time to spend on this . tp social network boleh pulak spend kan . haaa . tuu diaa , desease that i have . HAHA .

Soo next , what topic that i want to share to u all ? humm ... okay . now im back for semester 4 in micet .
so its totally major subject . my intercourse in my study is a ENVIRONMENT . So i learn and study about what is environment . we all know about environment . but this about the step for engineering students that could changes the problem of environments for now .

SEE ? the future in our hands . so we hope u all know what this mean . i admit even though im a student of environment , but sometimes i throw away such as tissue or small plastic away but not in dust bin . because why ? i just want get easy to throw away and just think they will a people collect the rubbish because it their job .

NOW , i know im wrong . its should not be like that . thats what our people think and do that . so no wonder la the earth are polluted right .  Our people know what is wrong and right . sometimes they do that wrong . thats ordinary human . all of that is MIND SET .

we use brain to think so we could know where its wrong and right yeah ? maybe we could put a signboard anywhere that make people conscious what they want to do . HAHA